Poker in vietnam: playing live and online


We interviewed SNE Limit Hold’em grinder ‘donjuanmt’ about playing online poker in Vietnam giới. He has grinded there since 2011, helping many others get set up & answering questions on forums.

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Why Poker in Vietnam

– When / why did you move sầu lớn Vietnam?

I moved here from Philly right after Blaông chồng Friday. Since I am Vietnamese American it seemed like an easy choice with knowing the language. I was actually one of the first poker players to move here April 22, 2011.

– Is Vietphái nam a third world country?

It’s still being developed in a lot of places. It’s awesome here though, very comfortable living.

Timelapse video of Ho Chi Minc city

– How would you rate safety in Vietnam?

Pretty safe for guys, petty criminals lượt thích bagsnatchers don’t usually target men in general. I would say road accident rates are pretty bad, maybe comparable khổng lồ Đất Nước Thái Lan.

Vietphái mạnh Poker

– Any problems accessing poker sites in Vietnam?

Some sportsbetting is blocked by the government but no poker sites or casino sites that I know of. It was smooth getting baông xã onlớn PokerStars. They haven’t pulled out of Vietphái nam yet (they did from Singapore và Burma).

– Best times of day to lớn grind?

Zombie hours for me, 10pm til 8am local time. Not that you need lớn grind that much to lớn afford living here at all.

– How vị you deposit onto / cash out from poker sites?

Set up bank trương mục & wire both ways. Usually takes 2 days with no fee. I posted an gmail from Stars support about wire info here. Some also use Neteller / Skrill ewallet.


The Grand Ho Tram Casino & Hotel, home of APT Vietnam

Vietnam giới Gambling Laws

– Is online poker illegal in Vietnam?

Gambling in Vietphái nam is restricted but not completely outlawed. Online poker is certainly no issue, the government has better things to lớn vị than worry about that. No ISPs blochồng online poker in Vietnam.

– Casinos in Vietnam?

There are several briông chồng và mortar casinos, & in 2015 the Asian Poker Tour added a Vietphái mạnh leg, with a $1k main event and $2k high roller. Locals aren’t allowed khổng lồ gamble in Vietnam casinos, only foreigners can. The government is getting cthua trận to changing the laws on that though.

APT Vietnam giới is held at the Gr& Ho Tram Strip, a beachfront resort. Then there are a few more casinos in Ho Chi Minh City centre, mostly in five star resorts e.g. Rex Hotel & Caravelle Hotel. Most are electronic casinos, as croupiers aren’t allowed. Vietphái nam is trying to compete with Macau but it has a way lớn go yet.


Don’s HEM graph on an average month pre rakebaông xã. See his blog thread & coaching vids

– Live sầu poker in Vietnam?

The Grvà Ho Tram had soft cash games around APT time. Bunch of wealthy foreigners.

Besides that there is one electonic table at New World Casino, $2/$4 No Limit with a 4% rake. Not sure how often it runs anymore. There are huge private cash games but you need lớn know the people since it’s mostly rich businessman. There have been some police raids of trang chủ games.

A friover blogged about playing poker in Vietnam cardrooms, e.g. see post #727 of this thread onwards.

Vietphái nam Internet

– How is mạng internet tốc độ in Vietnam?

It’s a lot cheaper than most countries & the connection is usually pretty good. One of the problems is internet slowing down when the undersea water cable snaps which happens every 3 months or so. The government is trying lớn invest in more cable line so it’s getting better.

FPT or Viettel are the two best trang chính mạng internet providers in Vietphái mạnh.

– Options for di động internet in Vietnam?

Yeah pretty cheap & you can grind solely on it if you just use it for poker only. Most use Viettel 3G.


Vietphái mạnh is amongst the fasthử nghiệm South East Asian nations for internet

Living in Vietnam

– How much does it cost to live sầu in Vietnam?

I’d say if you go out 2x / week và want to live sầu in the main city areas, you can live sầu for 1.2 – 1.5k usd comfortably. At one point I moved out to Tay Ninch khổng lồ live sầu the country life, 1.5 hours outside the capital. It was impossible khổng lồ spkết thúc more than 10 million Dong (500 usd) a month living there.

You can go low over which is just fine imo or high over và anywhere in between. From a one dollar street vendor meal that consists of a small portion of rice, meat of your choice with some veggie sides & a small cup of soup (still very good if you know where to go) to going to a 5 star khách sạn & paying $100 for a meal.

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– Post by ‘djle’ in the Vietnam giới thread

– How much are Vietnam giới apartments?

In terms of best location anywhere from 250 usd for one room to 1.5k for a 3 room apartment.

– Any poker houses in Vietnam?

Usually the poker guys here are more reserved so I don’t know of any poker players sharing places. Probably partly due lớn the fact everyone has 3 – 5 girlfriends each và they are lazy when it come lớn opening door late at night with the way door locks work here.


Poster ‘_UM’ on the forums wrote a great BBV thread on Vietnam poker & dating – Read it here

Where to live sầu in Vietnam

Da Nang

I would say Da Nang is in the top spot just because the local government is trying to lớn make it the best area for foreigners khổng lồ live và invest in. It has a nice beach area and is the cleanest out of all Vietphái nam. The night life is so much better và very foreigner friendly. I would even say it’s better than Nha Trang to lớn live.The only time that sucks living here is during stormy season which is late Sept – Nov.

The capital (formerly Saigon). A lot of expats live sầu in District 1 (D1), around Pham Ngu Lao area. It can be noisy at night though. Best bet get a hotel and look around lớn work out where you want to lớn stay. Decent options as cheap as $10 with wifi good enough for poker. Ben Thanh Market và Bui Thi Xuan are in the centre.

The Manor 1 và Saigon Pearl are some solid apartment options 2km from the city centre. I used khổng lồ stay at Manor 2. There are a lot of signs for rent on every street corner put up by owners. Prices online are a bit inflated on agent websites, you could try Vietnam giới Craigsdanh sách lớn get in touch with owners directly. On a $500 budget you’ll have no problem getting a decent apartment in D1. $1000 plus for a luxury place.


9th floor river view from a poker player’s ~$350 apartment near District 7, Ho Chi Minh – View more

If you’re ok with being 15-trăng tròn minutes out of the center, you’ll find cheaper apartments in D2 or D7. A friover recommended Sunrise City Léman Luxury in D7. People tend khổng lồ move sầu out there if the pollution và congestion gets khổng lồ them. Still a lot of expats there. D3, D5 and D10 are also popular as they’re cthua thảm to D1.

There are many real estate agencies in Ho Chi Minh with reasonable prices. Especially in District 7. Don’t waste your time checking overpriced websites. I personally live in Sky Garden area where I have a 70sqm with 2 bedrooms & living room for $550 a month.

– Post by ‘MystikRiver’ in the Vietnam giới thread


Not many poker players in Hanoi because it’s quite strict regarding night time activity, everywhere closes early. Close lớn Halong Bay pictured at the top of this page, one of the first places to visit in Vietnam for tourists.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang beaches are pretty clear và Mui Ne beaches are kind of rocky/white s& but you can still swim. Local people don’t like to be in the sun so the beaches are usually pretty empty most of the time unless at a tourist area. Been lớn Nha Trang a couple times it’s fun during the dry season but not sure if you want live sầu there during the rainy season. Better lớn live sầu & grind in Saigon & go khổng lồ Nha Trang for a few days và relax.

Vietnam giới Visas / Banking

– Possible lớn stay long term on Vietnam visas?

DJ: Yeah probably a better situation than Thailand (don’t need to lớn leave the country lớn renew 90 day visas over and over) & other places especially if you are willing khổng lồ pay a little extra to get things done quichồng.

– How lớn open a Vietphái mạnh ngân hàng account?

I think it’s a bit harder now than when I first came here 4 years ago. You need documentation of your living arrangements. I opened mine with HSBC. A frikết thúc opened his with ANZ and even told them he was a poker player, they didn’t care. Those are the two largest international banks. There isn’t any complicated paperwork like verifying where your money came from (like in the US when depositing >$10k).


A poker player meetup, Don pictured far left

Lifestyle in Vietnam

– How big is the Vietphái nam poker community?

Not that big I think. Off the top of my head there are lượt thích 5 guys that want lớn hang out every other month. The rest are lượt thích hermits và they mostly just grind. The thread is kind of dead, would be nice to get more people out here, Vietnam giới is so underrated imo. Partly because it’s super hard khổng lồ tìm kiếm info online.

The tourism board doesn’t make as much effort as e.g. Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, where everything is mapped out và a lot easier to navigate as a tourist. There also isn’t a free 30 day visa exemption on arrival unlượt thích there or the Philippines.

– Do you need to lớn speak Vietnamese?

Nope I know guys that have been living here for years that can only say hello & they seem lớn get along just fine. Although I would recommkết thúc learning Vietnamese in general if you want to lớn do more stuff then just hanging out with foreigners or the 5% of the population that speak fluent English. There are some free lessons on

– How lớn meet Vietnamese ladies?

Unless you come off super creepy you will have no problem whatsoever with meeting woman here. As I said when I first came everyone I knew had at least 3 – 5 girlfriends at a time. The only problem I see is the language barrier because Vietnamese women are more reserved on the outside but that doesn’t mean they are innocent. You can meet and hookup within a day here.


I remember when I first came here I thought there were so many hot girls esp. living in U.S where everyone is fat. It was so silly how I was lượt thích damn I could marry this girl or that and thought I had no chance or whatever but after like a few month you get khổng lồ realize that the foreigner have a lot of leverage when it come to lớn the dating game. I mean if a short/skinny dude with bad acne like me can pick up girls everyone has a chance.

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On a scale of girls in Korea being 10 in difficulty I would say in Vietnam is around 3 if you understvà how things work here. They tkết thúc lớn think all foreigners are weathly/higher class etc. which helps too.

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